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Spring Show Update:

Greetings all, there are rumors floating around that since we decided not to renew our Contract with the building we were in , some chapters seem to think that we are no longer having a Spring Show.  That is totally not true.  What was stated is that we will be seeking out another building to have our show in.  As we've always said, we organize the show because we enjoy doing it, we have fun  and most of all it allowed us to give back to the community and the fishery with the money that's comes from the show.  It became obvious over the past few years that we were spending more to keep the show going in it's current form due to increased rate hikes than what we were able to keep up with which is the reason we are looking at other venues.

To our Vendors- you may have already been contacted by another promoter. If we get a new building locked in we will post it here. You know us and you know how we operate and we would be thrilled to have your support as in the past few years. 


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